Good Neighbours Scheme for Spaldwick – Protecting older or more vulnerable residents in Spaldwick

Did you know that Spaldwick has a No Cold Calling Zone (NCCZ) in Royston Avenue?

A joint effort between Cambridgeshire County Council Protection Team and Spaldwick Parish Council intends to extend this initiative to the whole village under the title of Spaldwick Good Neighbours Scheme.

The original scheme was set up to discourage cold callers and to give residents the confidence to say ‘no’ to uninvited sales people – helping to prevent people falling victim to distraction burglars and rogue traders.

Whilst the zones were originally introduced by Cambridgeshire Trading Standards, it is recognised that community-led action is much more effective in protecting local people from unscrupulous tradespeople. Indeed, the best prevention and support for residents comes from within their own community.

Spaldwick Good Neighbours Scheme will be able to offer a range of materials for residents including door stickers, advice on how to spot a rogue trader and tips to prevent unwanted mail and phone calls and to spot IT scams. It is the intention to expand it to achieve so much more. For example residents can support their neighbours by putting bins in and out for the more infirm or during holiday periods, collecting prescriptions for those in poor health or without vehicle access, organising events to increase social cohesion,  joining the Library at Home service to support housebound readers and creating book and jigsaw exchange schemes.

Keeping an eye out for your neighbour can make all the difference, reduce isolation to those alone and build strong communities.

Mike Robinson Vice Chairman of Spaldwick Parish Council has agreed to be the lead and local co-ordinator in setting up this scheme. If you would like more information, need any advice or can help with the scheme in any way we would welcome your support.


For more information please contact Mike Robinson Vice Chairman of Spaldwick Parish Council at 27 Thrapston Road Spaldwick or telephone  01480 891931 or if not available Stephen Fane De Salis Chairman of Spaldwick Parish Council on 07736444765.