Good Neighbours Scheme – info

I hope that the strong winds aren’t affecting you too badly and that you are keeping warm and well this winter.

There has been an incident in Soham which I wanted to highlight to everyone. An elderly gentleman was phoned by someone claiming to be his bank. They knew personal details (full name, date of birth and address) and claimed that he had been overpaying a charge. They claimed to have a cheque for him and said that they would like to bring it round so that he could pay it in. Fortunately the gentleman recognised it as a scam, but it is something to watch out for. His family think that the plan was to take him to the bank, which is quite possible; it is also plausible that they wanted access to his home. Either way, it is very suspicious and whatever their intentions were, I doubt that they were good or in the resident’s best interest.

On a lighter note there are some events that I’d like to let you know about. Power2Inspire invite you to go along to Huntingdon, March or Ely to try simple, fun, accessible games. Try a different sport, suitable for young, old, disabled or not each week for gentle exercise. I’ve attached the information in case you would like to join in. It looks like fun.

If you have any neighbours who have found themselves housebound, either due to the winter weather or for any other reason please let them know about The Library at Home Service. The library has lots of volunteers willing to pick up books for their neighbours during their own visit to the library. They will collect them and bring more every month and the visitor and the reader are matched so that the readers always have the same person – who often becomes a friend too. The colder weather often keeps elderly or less mobile residents at home and a book can be very welcome! We are equally, always looking for volunteers so if you or anyone you know has an hour a month to spare for a housebound neighbour we’d love to hear from you. For more information about The Library At Home Service please contact


Kind Regards
Elaine Mountfort
Community Protection Officer
People and Communities Directorate